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Khojasteh Insdustrial & Trading Group (KITG) was stablished in 1993 by Haj – Morteza Khojasteh in order to distribute food, health and beauty products across the City of Yazd.

From the beginning, KITG is committed to driving excellence distribution service. Therefore, CEO of the company decided to invest on multiple companies and manufactures under supervision of KITG.

Up to now, Khojasteh Industrial & Trading Group has been successful in the following operations:

  • Donya Pakhsh Co.

    Food and beauty product distribution containing domestic and foreign accredited brands such as Uniliver, Rani, Mybaby, Nestle, etc.
    Employee: 300

    Branches Launched: Tehran, Isfahan, and Yazd

  • Petro Polyester Co.
    Manufacturting of polyester yarn with different dimension for various end-uses in carpet weaving, cloth weaving, and travel blankets. 
    Employee: 120

  • Yazd Carton
    Printing and packaging laminated, American, and tile cartons by modern and high-tech machinery.
    Employee: 50 per shift
  • Khojasteh Trading Co.

    Sales and distribution, branding, export and import focusing on legumes, sugar and cubed sugar, rock candy and various types of cooking oil under “Khojasteh” tagline.

  • Roka Ceram
    Producing ceramic tiles and digital tile printing according to the latest methods and technologies in Italy (SACMI) and Spain, based in Meybod, Yazd.
    Employee: 200 (upgradable to 400)
  • Henza Fara Teb Co.
    Producing various health and beauty products such as  organic herbal cream for infance with exclusive rights and patented technology under “Salovito” tagline.
  • Pishgaman Tose’e Kala Co. (PTK)
    Sales and distribution, export and import. Official ambassador of Ponte Milano engine oil from Italy.
  • Paya Polyester Co.
    Supplying raw materials (FDY / POY) for Petro Polyester Co with a capacity of 40 tons per day using the machinery of BARMAG GmbH.

    The key aspect of Khojasteh Industrial & Trading Company’s success over the past years has been our ability to adopt to market changes and turn challenges into opportunities. We are continuously improving our process and services to drive value and new product innovation. 

Team of Experties

Majid Khojasteh
Chairman of the Board & CEO

Majid began working within the family business in his early teens (1996) selling health, beauty, and cellulose products on a local scale in Yazd, Iran.
Alongside his father – Haj Morteza Khojasteh – Majid became fully immersed in his career. Despite high cost and uncertain business circumstances at the time, he put his dreams into action with an amazing determination and willpower to expand the business into sales, finance, procurement and distribution through Yazd province.
For him, that was the turning point towards greater goals to widen the brand. Consequently, the second and third expansion occurred in the two largest cities, Tehran (2017) and Isfahan (2012), both known as the industrial heartlands of Iran.
With more experience and need-recognition of market, the scope of Khojasteh Industrial and Trading Group activities is getting wider and led to the establishment of other subdivisions (which are listed on the Home page). 
Majid is currently pursuing his Master degrees in Textile.

وحید پهلوان پور

Vahid Pahlevanpour
Roka Ceram’s CEO

رضا جاهد

Reza Jahed
Henza Fara Teb’s CEO

Afshin Riahi

Afshin Riahi

محمد موسوی

Ali Mousavi
Donya Pakhsh’s CEO

امیر شعبانی

Amir Shabani
Yazd Catron’s CEO

هادی ارکیان

Hadi Arkian

امیرحسین مطهری اصل

Seyed Alireza Sajadifar
Paya Polyester’s CEO

علی اصغر سماوات

Ali Asghar Samavat
Deputy Manager

سید نادر نوحی

Seyed Nader Nouhi
Petro Polyester’s CEO